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Baby’s First Christmas Gift Must be Very Special

By Jennifer Gormly

My little niece will be celebrating her first Christmas this year and I have already started looking around for something special to be given as her first Christmas gif. My dilemma is in deciding what to give. Should it be something the parents will appreciate or something useful for the baby although baby wouldn’t care whatever I gave her since she’s way too small to understand. Anyway I’m hoping to buy something special to remind her of her first Christmas and know how special it was for her aunt as well.

I thought at first of giving her clothes and stuff which I thought would come in useful at least for her parents. But then I realized she had got enough and more to keep her going for a long time. She also had the essentials such as a crib, a pram and even a push chair and mundane items such as baby lotions, shampoos, blankets, mitts and socks as useful as they are seem are so boring and also wouldn’t last until baby was grown up. Toys are sort of OK I thought, but those too would be long gone and in the trash bin even before she could understand their meanings. In desperation I thought of giving her a Teddy because all babies love them. The one I saw could even have baby’s name printed on its jumper. That’s it I thought, if I can’t find something better, I’ll settle for Teddy.

If you really take the trouble to look around, there are some unique and wonderful gifts that can be bought for baby, such as the Christmas Star which was no ordinary star and the Teddy design cutlery set with which baby could have lots of fun. I fell in love with the star which I knew would look sensational on top of the Christmas tree. Why it would be special was because of the fact that it could be engraved right across with baby’s name and the year so that she could use it as her very own Christmas tree star for years to come. The personalized cutlery set was also good to bring back memories of her first Christmas and I was sure her mum would keep it safe once she outgrew it to show it to her one day.

All kids big or small love gifts and the more colorful they are the better. Gifts suitable for a first Christmas included Baby calendars that you can get to have baby’s name printed on the picture’s of babies for each month of the year, personalized CD’s of nursery rhymes where the original name is replaced by baby’s name or even CD’s of children’s stories with the same feature.

Today’s children are indeed lucky to be able to get the most unusual and wonderful gifts that were not even thought of in our days when we were young. Neither did we yearn for them or feel disappointed when the gifts we received were not ostentatious. Our parents had much more to give us and that was the love they had for us which they gave to us in no uncertain terms, even if they couldn’t shower us with expensive gifts. But we were content and it’s that love we still remember when all the gifts we ever got have perished and long gone.

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Sun Jan 25 2015

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